Barley Sprouting Seeds for Fodder

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Barley Sprouting Seeds for Fodder


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Looking for a way to sprout your own animal fodder using barley seeds?

We’re always trying to find ways to lower feed costs while improving the quality of feed for our flock. During our long winter months finding ample greens can be hard. Our solution to this problem? Sprouting our own barley seeds using nothing more than water and a few plastic trays. Sprouting barley seeds can turn one pound of seeds into eight pounds of fodder.

This reduces our feed cost while providing a fresh more nutritious option for our flock. This method allows us to offer fresh barley fodder year round. Our seeds also act as a wonderful cover crop for that old run that needs to be tilled up. Offering around four inches of growth in a little as six days. The long dark, cold winters with old dry hay will become a thing of the past when you sprout your own animal fodder.

It’s super simple.

After you receive your box of barley seeds, find a container and soak the barley seeds for around 24 hours. Then place them in a container that allows for excess water to drain out allowing the barley seeds to remain moist without sitting in standing water. For the best results we recommend watering every four hours, however the important part when sprouting animal fodder is ensuring the barley seeds remain moist. After four to six days the barley will be ready to distribute to your eagerly awaiting fur or feather babies.

The Mad Hatchery offers barley seeds in various quantities depending on your needs. We sell 1, 5, 10, and 20 pounds bags that arrive ready to be soaked and sprouted. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. You and your homesteads success is our number one priority.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Sally (verified owner)

    Wow! My barley arrived in three days. It sprouted VERY well. I’m on day 7, and it’s growing very quickly now. I snipped some tops off to take to the chickens yesterday, and it’s probably grown another half inch. The chickens loved it.

    I made the mistake of starting too much at one time. I spread the seeds out one seed deep, but they almost doubled in size as they soaked and began growing. Next time, I’ll use about half as many seeds.

    I soaked them for 12 hours, which seemed to be long enough. I spread them out and have them about a foot away from a fluorescent light in my kitchen, as I don’t have a sunny window. I dribble water on them 3-4 times a day to keep them moist; it’s very dry in my house right now. I’ll be giving a beautiful fodder cake to my chickens in a couple days.

    Two thumbs up from me and four beaks up from the birds!

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Feed Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) Protein Energy MJME/kg
Barley Fodder 78.4 16.7 11.8
Rye Grass Hay 68 10.4 10.3
Alfalfa Hay 60 18.0 9.0
Barley Grain 84 13.5 12.7
Vitamin Barley Grain Barley Sprouts
Vitamin E 7.4 62.4
Beta Carotene 4.1 42.7
Biotin 0.16 1.15
Free Folic Acid 0.12 1.05

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