The Mad Hatchery

We’ve been in love with all things that hatch, pip, cluck, quack, and waddle since 2015. We offer fellow bird lovers an alternative option to large scale hatcheries by offering a more one on one approach. Sometimes large scale hatcheries can feel more like puppy mills. We’re committed to a whole hearted approach. Taking the time and showing love with each bird we raise. So take a look around, you’ll come to find out we’re MAD about hatching.

Treating Our Birds Right

We treat each bird with the same love and care we would show our very own children. They are really apart of the family, it’s easy to pile birds in cages, leave the lights on for 24 hours at a time, or treat them like egg factory’s but it’s inhumane and wrong. Consider us the first of it’s kind organic hatchery.

The Little Gray Barn That Started It All
Waddles The Male Guinea Fowl
It's not about turning a profit. It's about a happy and sustainable flock. I truly believe that profits will follow a happy flock in their natural setting and I'll never settle for profits over the well being of my poultry.
Chris McGee
The Mad Flock Master
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